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  • FREE QUOTES: on painted works of every size and period


  • EXAMINATION UNDER VARIOUS TYPES OF LIGHTING: UV light, raking light, daylight.




  • FRAME CONSERVATION: surface cleaning, consolidation of unstable pieces and flaking areas, casting of missing pieces, removal of old restorations, treatment against insects attacks.


  • CONSERVATION-RESTORATION TREATMENTS: dusting, facing, strip lining, inserts, consolidation of the flaking paint (front and reverse), lining, tear repair (tear mending, thread to thread), consolidation of the support, wood treatment against insects attacks, cleaning of the back of the canvas, treatments of the stretcher (consolidation, replacement, cleaning, treatment against insects attacks)


        Surface cleaning, fillings of paint losses, retouching (puntilli, illusionist), varnish removal or lightening, removal of old restorations             (over paint, crude retouching, fillings that create a visual distortion), intermediate and final varnishing.

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