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The Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife (1854)

Daniel Maclise, oil on canvas, 315 x 513 cm
National Gallery of Ireland

A few stages of the conservation project


  • Treatments on the support: removal of old patches, inserts of canvas and tear mending, reinforced by new patches made with a non-woven fabric

  • Treatments on the front: varnish removal, as well as over panting and crude retouching 


The Triumph of Amphitrite (18th)

Etienne Jeaurat, oil on canvas, 99 x 131 cm

National Gallery of Ireland


Views of the painting during the varnish removal and after restoration: the cleaning and the removal of old over paintings revealed its original shape “cintré à oreilles”

Rebecca at the Well (17th)

Attributed to Henri Mauperché, oil on canvas, 140 x 127 cm
National Gallery of Ireland

  • Details of old over paintings that covered the majority of the surface

  • Overall views after the removal of the over paintings and after restoration

Two scenes from the life of a saint (1480-1510)

Master of Saint Crispin, oil on panel, 98,3 x 67 cm
National Gallery of Ireland

Getting the wood panel ready to go on loan for an exhibition


  • Infilling and retouching

  • Consolidation of the support with inserts of Balsa wood


Gilded frame (19th)

National Gallery of Ireland

The frame during its cleaning and consolidation and overall view after conservation treatments.

Portrait of a Woman (early 20th)

Cesca Chenevix Trench (Sadhbh Trinseach) Oil on canvas, 69 x 54,5 cm
National Library of Ireland

The main treatments included the removal of brown paper bits stuck on the front, the surface cleaning and the flattening of the crease

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