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I graduated in Painting Conservation from ATEC (Bouches du Rhône) in 2008 after a four years training. I started working in collaboration with a private studio in the South West (Gers) on paintings classified as Historical Monuments.


I then wanted to broaden my training with experience abroad which I did by obtaining an internship at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin, as part of the Heritage Council Grant 2009.  I quickly integrated into the international team of conservators and I was given two French paintings from the 17th  and 18th centuries to restore. 


Following my desire to extend this rewarding experience, I was offered to be the lead conservator for the conservation of the largest painting in the collection: "The Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife" by D. Maclise funded by The Bank of America Merryl Lynch. The next two years were dedicated to this project. While working there, I created my own business in 2011, which allowed me to contract for different art galleries, institutions and private studios.


Following my 5 years in Dublin, after working in the main galleries and a private studio, I decided to go back home, in order to set-up my own private practice in Montpellier.

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